Open Enrollment for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap Insurance.
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2021 Enrollment Plans, Medicare Plans, and Open Enrollment in Sarasota, Florida

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At Bay Insurance we take an active role in your healthcare. Ensuring that you have what you need to stay happy and healthy, we get to know you and your medical needs personally to provide you with optimal coverage options. Guiding you to the 2021 enrollment plan that will safeguard your well-being, we take pride in helping you lead a more healthy and satisfying life.

2021 Enrollment Plans for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescriptions

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Medicare insurance plans include a range of coverage options for various healthcare requirements. Amongst the most popular Medicare plans include Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescriptions coverage. With open enrollment approaching quickly, it’s time to start thinking about your 2021 enrollment plan now.

At Bay Insurance it’s our pleasure to offer our expertise when it comes to finding the right Medicare plan for you. With over three decades of experience helping individuals in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas, our agents are versed in the ins-and-outs of Medicare to help you make educated decisions when finding the right plan for your budget and your needs.

  • Medicare Advantage – Medicare Advantage plans are health plans offered by private companies that provide you with aspects of Part A and Part B benefits. With some plans including drug coverage, it’s best to ask a professional about Medicare Advantage before jumping at open enrollment.
  • Medicare Prescriptions – Just as it sounds, Medicare prescriptions supplement the cost of certain prescriptions that you may require. From main brands to generic, having prescription coverage keeps costs down and ensures that you always have the drugs you need.

Open Enrollment for Medicare and Medigap in Sarasota, FL

2021 Enrollment Plans for Medicare and Medigap in Sarasota, FL

As a diverse city full of modern art and a plethora of entertainment options, visitors and residents alike enjoy all that Sarasota, Florida has to offer. In addition to its white sandy beaches and shallow waters, Sarasota is an excellent place to raise a family, develop a professional career, and retire. Known as a safe and charming city, it’s no secret why the fastest growing demographic in Sarasota consists of individuals 80 years old and more.

At Bay Insurance it’s our pleasure to help you through the Medicare and Medigap enrollment process. Working hand-in-hand to provide you with all the coverage you need, Medicare and Medigap are two types of health insurance that you won’t want to go without. If you’re curious about what your Medicare plan doesn’t cover, then chat with a skilled professional from our team about Medigap insurance coverage. Medigap, also known as Medicare Supplement coverage, may provide coverage for aspects such as copayments, coinsurance, and inpatient care. Give us a call today to get a FREE quote and learn about 2021 enrollment pans for Medicare and Medigap.