Health Insurance in Bonita Springs FL, Brandon FL, Fort Myers FL, Lakeland FL, and Nearby Cities

The benefits of insurance are truly massive. Regardless of whether we have an illness or not, health insurance is mandatory. It helps us from incurring heavy financial expenditures in times of distress. With the increasing rates of medical bills, most consumers find it difficult to pay it off without any sort of assistance, like health insurance. Many people are actually bereft of quality healthcare just because their financial condition does not allow them that option. However, health insurance is just as integral as any other type of insurance. So, if you are on a hunt to find a company that has a great stock of insurance products, top of the notch customer service and competitive rates for plans, then we, at Bay Insurance, can be perfect for you. We don’t only offer insurance to our clients, we build lifelong relationships with them. Whether you need family insurance or commercial plans, we can offer you what you need. If you reside in Bonita Springs FL, Bradenton FL, Brandon FL, Cape Coral, Fort Myers FL, Lakeland FL, etc. then look no further.

Health Insurance in Bonita Springs FL, Brandon FL, Fort Myers FL, Lakeland FLHere are two types of health insurance that you need to know about. Have a look.

  • Individual

The most common is the individual health insurance plan. It covers the expenses of an insured person or individual. The coverage varies according to the premiums paid but usually, this plan covers the hospitalization and surgical expenses if an individual until the limit is reached. The premium for this type of insurance plan can depend on a number of factors, including the age of the person purchasing the plan and the medical history of the individual.

  • Group

Just as it is necessary to protect the physical assets of a company, so is it necessary to secure the health of the employees of that company. A group health insurance plan is purchased by an employer for all his employees. The biggest advantage of a group health insurance plan is that the premium is much lower than that of individual health policy. These plans are standardized for all the people who fall under it and provide them with the same benefits.

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