Group Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement Plans and Florida Blue Insurance in Bonita Springs, FL

As the home of Lovers Key State Park, Bonita Springs, Florida is a city with beautiful secrets it can’t wait to share. The story of how Lovers Key got its name is typical of the playful personality of Bonita Springs. Once an island, Lover’s Key was so remotely located that only the most determined lovers would expend the labor necessary to reach the privacy it promised.

Today, you can reach it without a boat oh, but it has still retained its secret of charm and romantic allure. Beautiful vegetation outlines this 2 ½ mile long beach. It’s become a favorite of birdwatchers and beachcombers, who also enjoy visiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center during their trips to Bonita Springs.

Bonita Springs offers more than beautiful beaches, fantastic fishing and a variety of outdoor activities. In fact, one of its most well-known claims to fame is Dog Beach Park, which has earned Bonita Springs a designation as one of Florida’s most welcoming locations for pets and their owners. As one of Florida’s only no-leash beaches, Dog Beach Park has become a favorite of local and visiting pet owners in Florida. It’s shallow waters and secluded shoreline make Dog Beach Park a naturally perfect pet friendly beach.

There is a natural respect for wellness that’s evident among the residents of Bonita Springs that could be associated with her love of the outdoors. Whatever the reason, Bay Insurance is honored to play a role in helping them maintain their good health by providing smart health insurance coverage that keeps quality medical care affordable. With the right health insurance coverage, provided at affordable rates, Bay Insurance place a significant part and helping Bonita Springs live healthily and happily.

As your local Agency for Florida Blue, Bay Insurance is positioned to provide cost effective and appropriate Blue Cross / Blue Shield health insurance products. Bay Insurance is proud to offer Florida Blue Blue Cross / Blue Shield health insurance products. With a variety of affordable options, Florida Blues Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance products are tailored to provide a wide variety of coverages. Florida Blue and Bay Insurance share a commitment to personal service and professional excellence.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. Florida Blue provides everything from HSA-compatible options to comprehensive coverage plans, as well as limited coverage options and temporary insurance plans. Florida Blue also offers Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage plans and many other products designed with overall health and well-being of Florida residents in mind.